Thursday, January 8, 2009

Washington January Flood 2009

Well now, this has been a very interesting winter as far as the weather in the greater Seattle area goes. First we had so much snow and ice we were snowed in for over a week. The snow has melted, for the most part... we have very little snow left here and there. All that melted snow and now the rain... inches of rain. It leads to flooding.

I got out for a drive today and took a few photos of the flooding from the Skykomish River, the Pilchuck River, and the Snohomish River.

If you want to see more information about each photo, click on the album - I posted captions on each photo.

Since I took the photos, the 3 Lakes Road is closed because of water over the road. Second street is closed due to water over the road, and I understand the Snohomish River reached flood stage some time late afternoon or early evening and there is a lot more water than there was this morning when I took the photos. Oh... and my camera settings are all messed up. The date and times listed on the pictures are wrong. Oh well. They were taken today... this morning.

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